Tullamore Time Trial 2011 – Saturday 1st October

A time trial over 2250m on the Grand Canal, Tullamore.  Four sessions will be held, at 8:30, 10:30, 12:30 and 2:30 pm.

Food and drink will be available in the boathouse.

The Course

See the start here and the finish here.  The race will be from west to east.

This is an old view of the boathouse, slip, holding area, and start from google maps.


See the local weather forecast, from our friends in yr.no.


Safety please see our  Safety Statement which incorporates some controls for the Time Trial.

Instructions to competitors

Stewards will be appointed to manage the area around the boat house to allow for safe parking of boat trailers and vehicles, and safe storage and movement of boats.

The road outside the boathouse is a public road with some traffic on it.  At this time of year there may be some agricultural traffic.  Please do not obstruct the road with vehicles or equipment.  It is especially important that no vehicles are parked where they obstruct the sight lines of oncoming traffic or people leaving the boat house area.  There are limited areas where vehicles can pass along the road, please be courteous, allow others to pass and do not obstruct these areas.

A Slip Steward will inform scullers of when they should slip.  The slip will accommodate 3 scullers at a time, scullers should launch when they are asked to.  Close your gates and launch immediately.  Do any adjustment necessary in the storage area or on the water, please do not block the slip.  The launch order has been designed to avoid excessive waiting times for younger competitors above the start.  We would be very grateful for your assistance in achieving this.

Scullers should stay in the middle of the canal while travelling in either direction, unless they need to pass another sculler.  The canal was recently cleaned very thoroughly by Waterways Ireland, but there are still some weeds near the banks that may slow competitors.  Scullers will be started at intervals which should avoid the need to overtake.  There will be a number of safety stewards on the far bank to assist anyone who requires assistance.

Stewards and a starter will be present at the start area.  Please obey their instructions so that everyone can have an enjoyable and fair race. Scullers will be held in the area above the start.  This area extends for approximately 300m.  Competitors will not be able to practice in this area.  It may be possible for competitors who are waiting for the start to pull their boats in and get out onto the bank.  Coaches and parents may facilitate this with e.g. shoes, coats etc.

Competitors will be started at intervals, and will be called up in turn.  A flying start will be used. There are two small bends on the course, at about 750m and about 1000m.  When you have finished racing, please continue paddling and make your way to the slip, which is 250m from the finish line.

Visiting clubs are invited to bring a few bicycles to allow them to observe the racing and accompany younger competitors.